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Louise Johnson

Medical Animation Used In The Classroom

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Although film and photography will forever have their place in the classroom, making use of animation and illustration to show medical concepts is priceless at every level of learning. Whether it's children studying the human body for the first time or medical students exploring surgical techniques, medical animation is a vital part of the curriculum. Many benefits can be realized when you hire a professional artist to provide quality graphics to help your students achieve their learning goals in the classroom and beyond.

To give young students the foundation to start to understand new concepts and possibly pave the way for pursuit of careers in the medical field or in medical research, creating engaging visuals is important. With regards to sparking imagination and interest in subjects and giving the leaders and thinkers of tomorrow a jump start on their educational journey, the opportunity to be exposed to concepts and theories from a young age is essential. For young students, medical animation offers them the opportunity to explore the processes of the human body in a safe, accessible format.

Younger children also need a wide variety of stimulating activities. As reported by studies, children have an elevated ability to grasp difficult concepts when they are given a selection of learning materials. Supplementing your teaching materials with illustrations, animation, and models gives every scholar the ability to learn new theories and concepts, no matter his or her learning style, and as you know, every student learns differently. You'll be able to start at the organs and move through tissues, cells, and molecules to show how they all work together as the simulations enable you to move seamlessly from a macro to a micro level. In this way, difficult concepts can be brought to life, giving young learners a comprehensive understanding of the entire system.

The additional learning opportunities supplied by animation also benefit post-graduate and medical students who are at the opposite end of the spectrum. As advances in research and understanding of sophisticated biological functions is changing the world on a regular basis, it becomes progressively difficult to find or create compelling images that reflect that advanced understanding. This is particularly true when you delve into theoretical concepts that have yet to be proved. Breaking down complex systems into illustrations that communicate how those systems work, from cutting-edge surgical techniques to theories in molecular biology, provides a basis of understanding that will certainly benefit students well after they leave the classroom. Animation allows a huge variety of information to be presented in a controlled, straightforward manner. It can be a terrific way to communicate involved processes.

Access to high-end microscopes which enable students to see things that aren't visible to the naked eye can be limited or cost-prohibitive, but this isn't to say that lab work is not vital. Having an animation that details the subject being studied in advance of heading into the lab adds another level of comprehension.

Furthermore, making use of high-quality computer graphics as opposed to cadavers, expensive books, or physical models can save cash-strapped institutions money that can be used toward a lot more practical applications. Educators also don't have the distractions that may exist with live models or photographs which gives them the chance to focus the students’ attention on the subject at hand.

When you're an educator, you want to take every avenue accessible to you to inspire your students to learn and discover. One of the most effective tools in your arsenal may well be medical animation.

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